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Refractory Fire Clay Bricks
Refractory Fire Clay Bricks are block of refractory ceramic material used in lining kilns, fireboxes, fireplaces and furnaces. These bricks can withstand high temperature and have low thermal conductivity for higher energy efficiency.
Refractory Burner Block
Refractory Burner Blocks are widely used in kilns, fireworks and furnaces. These products possess many characteristics like resistance to heat, pressure, chemical attack etc. Further, they also retain strength and have food performance in high temperature.
Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic Fiber Blankets are also widely known as aluminum silicate blanket. These are new types of fire resistance insulation product. These possess excellent tensile strength, toughness and have a fibrous structure when they are used in a neutral, oxidized atmosphere.
Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Magnesia Carbon Bricks consist of graphite flakes and are widely used in steel industry, oxygen and electric furnaces etc. These bricks have many excellent property like good thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion, low corrosion rates by slag and non-wettability by liquid slag.
Castables Powder
Castable Powder is a monolithic refractory material that is premixed combination of matrix components or modifiers, bonding agents and admixtures. It is usually mixed with water and poured at point to form a refractory structure that become rigid because of hydraulic or any other chemical setting.
Acid Proof Bricks
Acid Proof Bricks are usually made form of masonry brick that has great chemical resistance quality with good thermal durability. These bricks are made of high silica shale and fired at high temperature.
Insulation Bricks
Insulation Bricks are contain high porous fire clay or kaolin. These products are lightweight, low in thermal conductivity and allow rapid temperature change. The presence of pores decrease the thermal conductivity of these bricks.
Magnesite Bricks
Magnesite bricks are more commonly used as refractory bricks and widely used in the steel industry. These products are known for their high temperature performance, resistance to alkaline etc.

Magnesia Chrome Bricks
Magnesia Chrome Bricks are more often used burning zone of rotary cement kiln and regeneration zone of glass. These products possess several excellent properties like high temperature strength, great thermal shock stability, high flexibility, strong corrosion resistance etc.
Zircon Bricks
Zircon Bricks are high technology material that are widely used in high erosive zone of glass furnace, chemical industry, metallurgical industry etc. The products have various characteristics such as excellent mechanical, thermal, chemical and optical quality.
Hanger Bricks
Hanger Bricks are made of high quality raw material which ensures high durability, high strength and resistance to heat. Further, these products are used in side walls, floor, partition walls etc.